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Ajwa Dates

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Ajwa is a traditional fruit tree found in Rajasthan. Known as the “fruit of kings”, Ajwa dates prove to be an intrinsic part of Muslim tradition. It was considered as the king of all fruits and hence was used extensively by the royals. Scientific researches have confirmed the medicinal value of the fruit providing high nutritional values. The fresh Ajwa dates are dried and crushed and the powder is formed by breaking the fruit into small pieces.

The fresh fruits have their own unique quality which cannot be replicated even in laboratories. A common man may not have the knowledge to crack the tough skin or the pungent taste of the deep colored dried fruits, but he surely has the knowledge of the benefits associated with the same. The fresh ajwal dates keep the perfect freshness for more than 10 days after they are plucked from the trees. This quality of the area dates has made it one of the most popular gifts both to women and men during festivals and celebrations such as wedding, birthday and anniversary.

The ajwans date variety has been the most favored by the Indians due to its rich nutritional value and medicinal properties. Dabudas, sambhar, siddhis, pindi, mabhag, ulmus etc. are some of the popular varieties in the Indian area dates market. These ingredients are also available in other Indian spices and have their own set of benefits.

Dabudas and samba are considering to be the best edible varieties in the Indian diet. Ajwa dates contain more vitamins C and E in comparison to other dried dates. Moreover, the area dates contain a large amount of minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper. In addition to these vitamins, the ajwa dates contain trace amounts of manganese and molybdenum.

The minerals and vitamins in Ajwa dates help in protecting the body against various ailments. It helps in maintaining an ideal weight and maintains the digestive system in working condition too. This is why a large number of Indians are consuming these products regularly in order to get the maximum benefit from the nutrients. These ajwa dates are ideal to be eaten directly as they do not contain any sugar or salt. Therefore, people who are allergic to salt and sugar can eat these products as they do not contain any of them.

Another advantage of consuming these products regularly is that it helps in increasing the immunity levels of the body. When a person consumes foods rich in vitamins and minerals, he is less likely to get affected by germs and bacteria. Similarly, the consumption of Ajwa dates helps in increasing the number of antibodies. Antibodies are substances that neutralize foreign bodies present in the body. Consuming the vitamins and minerals in abundance helps in increasing the number of antibodies.

Ajwa dates contain a variety of essential nutrients such as phosphorous, iron, copper, magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc. These ingredients are all important in strengthening the immune system. However, the mineral again is absent from these dates. This is why the diet experts suggest that you should include fruits and vegetables like papaya, guava, mango, cucumber, spinach, banana, grapefruit, carrot, apricot, cantaloupe, kiwi and watermelon. These foods help in providing the body with more of the nutrients present in Ajwa dates.
These products are also rich in protein, which is necessary in building muscles and strengthening the bones. Therefore, consuming a daily dose of these products will make you healthier than you were ever before. The sweetness of these ajwa dates contain an enzyme called backside which helps in breaking down fatty acids present in the body. This helps in preventing heart diseases. This is why; experts suggest that you should consume two to three pitted Ajwa dates every day in order to keep yourself free from diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.